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Ann (ABQ) 05/17/2009  Comment 
 Ann  Trash 


It was great to meet you and to view your work this past Friday evening at the Albuquerque location. You so graciously told me that I could touch and "feel" your work. Thank you for that.

I am the one that did not want to stop touching the brim of the cowboy hat. Thank you.


Jim Manning (Albuquerque) 01/28/2009  Comment 
 Jim Manning  Trash 
 Jim Manning

Tim, I enjoyed seeing your art on your site. Hope to see it in person one day. You show a great feeling of soul in your works. I can see the love you have for your subjects. I'm glad to know you.

Susan Hainley (Houston, Tx) 07/21/2008  Comment 
 Susan Hainley  Trash 
 Susan Hainley

Having met the man before seeing the artist, I am once again awed. You are amazing in so many ways. I am blown away with your talent. Looking forward to seeing more.


LEVENT (TURKIYE) 12/24/2007  Comment 
 LEVENT  Trash 


cynthia dean /cindy smith (San Antonio, Tx) 12/10/2007  Comment 
 cynthia dean /cindy smith  Trash 
 cynthia dean /cindy smith

Tim Gifford... Oh my word! What undeniable God given talent you possess. The world is truly enriched with your passion for sculpture. I expect to see your art in museums someday.

Bill Zunis (Newark, TX) 12/09/2007  Comment 
 Bill Zunis  Trash 
 Bill Zunis

Tim, Great work on the detailing.

Cleve Jernigan (Rogers, Ar) 10/14/2007  Comment 
 Cleve Jernigan  Trash 
 Cleve Jernigan

Tim - I am always impressed by people who take their ideas and turn them into reality. However, I\'m sure that none of us who knew you in Ankara are surprised by your wonderful ability to transform elements into art. Hope to see your works in person someday.

Charlene (Walker) Drummer (San Francisco) 08/02/2007  Comment 
 Charlene (Walker) Drummer  Trash 
 Charlene (Walker) Drummer

Hi, Tim.Just looked at your work for the first time and, like others who have known you since high school, am so impressed! Your wonderful spirit shines in your art.

Anita Donohoe (Rancho San Julian, Lompoc CA) 07/13/2007  Comment 
 Anita Donohoe  Trash 
 Anita Donohoe

Tim, your sculptures are stunning. I look forward to more after you retire!

John a.ka. Slim (Hudson, FL) 09/09/2006  Comment 
 John a.ka. Slim  Trash 
 John a.ka. Slim

It is great to see your talent uncovered similarly to Michelangelo’s release of his angel from the marble. Maybe all the ancient art of Ankara sculpted you to produce such wonderful creations. May the Force me with you.

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